Photo Manipulations Combining Photography and Drawing

Sebastien Del Grosso is a Paris-based photographer and illustrator who brings us completely different perspective of photography. Masterly combining photographs and self-made scotches, he creates surreal photo manipulations portraying the main stages of his life in a different way.


Indonesian Volcano Emits Electric Blue Glowing Liquid

It was a long since I have written something about nature. For this reason, today I have something completely unique and indescribable that is, without any doubts, worth the time you have been waiting. I can’t wait to present you a photojournalist Olivier Grunewald and […]


Flip Book Machines Depicting Flying Birds and Butterflies

I can bet that every one of you have ever tried to make a flip book, especially in your childhood. Drawing a fancy characters (or just a basic stickmen) in various positions on hundreds of paper sheets and then combining them together to make a […]


Charming Food Illustrations by Anna Keville

Our moms always told us not to play with a food. I had a feeling that food illustrator and stylist Anna Kevilee had never listened to her mom. Ok, I’m kidding, however I would actually say Anna is a real master at “playing with a […]


Surreal Photo Manipulations of Frozen Venice

Have you ever been in Venice? For those who haven’t or even never heard about it,  Venice is a city in northeastern Italy sited on a group of 118 small islands separated by canals and linked by bridges. Instead of cars and motorcycles, locals use boats and canoes […]


Eye-Grabbing Oil Paintings of Cityscapes

We used to see cityscapes in a format of high quality photographs, however today there are so many of them that even the most beautiful photographs aren’t as eye-grabbing as it should be. And this is not surprising, after all people tend to get bored […]


How Artists Illuminated Restaurant Facade Without Light Source

Ok, If you’ve already seen this before, sorry. However, I’m not, and this is definitely my foundation of the week. Yesterday “Coming Soon”, a Berlin-based creative agency convinced us that all you need is just a simple idea. Today we have the same “scenario”.


Have You Seen Infographic Made in Real Life?

I can bet that you’ve seen hundreds of various infographics, since all the companies realised that visualisation gives a huge stake in assimilation of information. Do you even remember one of them up to now? I think not, however, today I’ll present you a creative […]


360-Degree Panoramic Video Captured Using 6 Cameras

Have you seen any 360-degree panoramic photo? If not, you should concern about it, because this great technique, converting any landscape or just everything surrounding us into a little planet, is a huge trend in photography. However, instead of talking about these photos, I’m going […]


Weird Transparent Frog Which Internal Organs Are Visible Through Skin

It was a long time since I’ve written something about the nature.  Don’t say you haven’t missed those extremely beautiful and, at the same time, hardly perceivable natural phenomena. Today I’ve discovered something that is rather weird and creepy than beautiful, however, in any case, […]

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