Microscopic Photos of Butterfly Wings by Linden Gledhill

Linden Gledhill is an artist you won’t meet everyday. He isn’t only a photographer, but also a biochemist by training, working for a large international pharmaceutical company developing biopharmaceuticals (protein molecules) to treat cancer and diabetes.

Aerial Photos of World’s Largest Greenhouse Farm by Bernhard Lang

I’m a big fan of aerial photography. I just love to see how everything looks from a bigger perspective. After all, isn’t it awesome to see how various big buildings and endless terrains turn into a detailed pattern? This is the fourth time I’m writing […]

Illustrations Portraying British Interior Design Trends by Decade (1950s to 2010s)

Recently UK-based company titled Harwey Water Softeners has released an infographic consisting of illustrations which portray the British interior design trends by decade, from the 1950s to the 2010s. Not only that, the infographic includes the information explaining why the look of British home has […]

Desert Wildflowers in Colorado Plateu

The Colorado Plateu, also known as the Colorado Plateu Province is a region in Western Colorado covering the area of more than 337,000 km2. This region is mostly made up of high desert, with scattered areas of forests and the very well known Grand Canyon in […]

Fascinating Series of Photos Portraying Beautiful Details of Autumn

Jurgen Heckel is a Germany-based sound artist and photographer who is already well-known in the Bechance community for his unique style of photography. Check out his latest series of photographer portraying beautiful and small details of autumn.  

Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees in Hawaii

No, this is not a part of any artwork. Actually, Rainbow Eucalyptus is a real specie of trees found at various locations around the Hawaii island. Unlike any other spieces, an up to 70-m tall rainbow eucalyptus tree have a bark that change colours according to […]

Expressive Portraits of Indian People by Bal Deo

Bal Deo is a Canada-based photographer who has recently been travelling around India. During his time there, he made tons of great shots and gathered them into the two compilations of photos titled “The Monks” and “Our Land”.

Charming Illustrations of Vehicles by The Rusted Pixel

I have recently discovered The Rusted Pixel, an amazing illustrator whose latest series of illustrations named On the Run has become a hit on Behance. The series features a compilation of charming – I would also say cute, though I’m sort of over-using that word –  illustrations […]

Hyper Realistic Oil Paintings by Alex Roulette

Alex Roulette is a New York-based artist having an extraordinary portfolio of incredibly detailed oil paintings. What drew our attention the most was the level of detail of these paintings. We have seen a lot of  hyper realistic pencil drawings and photo manipulations, but it’s […]

Beautiful Series of “Fogscapes” by Kilian Schönberger

Kilian Schönberger is a German-based architecture and landscape photographer. For those who hasn’t known him before, he is a very well-known artist, and by the way, one of my most favourite photographers on Behance with more than 10,000 followers.