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Waterways Explored

Pine Creek

On March 21, 2012 the WooFDriver took the PAK on a mushing tour of the Pine Creek Rail Trail, also known as The Pennsylvania Grand Canyon in Blackwell, Pennsylvania. This 65 mile long trail was named one of the “10 great place to take a bike tour” in the world by an USA Today article.

Most of the rail trail follows Pine Creek as it makes its way to the West Branch of the Susquehanna River. It is the largest tributary of the West Branch and is 87.2 miles long. It is such a beautiful and majestic waterway that 23.25 miles of it are designated as a ‘Pennsylvania Scenic River’.

Wikipedia Webpage to learn more about this trail

Please check out the photo album from this mushing adventure!
WooFDriver On Tour - Pine Creek Rail Trail, (The Pennsylvania Grand Canyon) Blackwell, Pennsylvania 3.21.2012

Gunpowder River

On September 20, 2013 the WooFDriver took the WooFPAK biking on the NCR Trail, also called the Torrey C. Brown Rail Trail. Northern Central Railroad was completed in 1858 to provide rail service between Baltimore and Sunbury, PA. When hurricane Agnes came through in 1972 operations came to a stop as bridges were destroyed and tracks were eroded. On November 18, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln used the railway on his trip to deliver the Gettysburg Address.

Beside the southern portion of this rail trail flows the Gunpowder River. The 6.8 mile long river is formed when the 25.2 mile long Little Gunpowder Falls and the 56.7 mile long Big Gunpowder Falls meet. The Gunpowder River then flows into the Chesapeake Bay. The Gunpowder and its tributaries flow through Maryland’s largest state park, appropriately named Gunpowder Falls State Park. The waterways gives great opportunities for adventurous kayakers when the water levels are high providing class three rapids.

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Biking The NCR Trail 9.20.2013

Blacklick Creek

The WooFDriver went on a Mushing Tour with the WooFPAK on the Wahrum Ghost Town Trail in Pennsylvania. The Ghost Town Trail gets its name from the once thriving mining towns of Wehrum and Bracken, that once existed along the railroad corridor. There are a few remnants of these former towns. Most of the ghost towns are located on private property not open to the general public.

The trail follows the 30 mile long Blacklick Creek. It is said that the name comes from the stream, also called a ‘lick’, passing over outcroppings of coal in its bed and banks. The Blacklick Creek flows into the Conemaugh River in western Pennsylvania.

Wikipedia’s Webpage to learn more about this creek

Swatara Creek

April 17, 2015 the WooFDriver and his crew took the WooFPAK on a Mushing tour of the Swatara Trail in Pennsylvania. This trail is a rail trail from the 1820’s to connect the Schuylkill and Susquehanna Rivers to transport anthracite coal by the Swatara Creek. This branch of the Reading Railroad was destroyed by the flood of 1862 and never repaired.

The Swatara Creek is 72 miles long and flows into the Susquehanna River. Record heights of 26.8 feet near Hershey, Pennsylvania were reach on September 8, 2011 from the rains of Tropical Storm Lee and Hurricane Irene. There were two US Navy ships named after the creek. The first was launched in 1865 but later dismantled in 1872, saving some materials to built the second ship that was first launched a year later in 1873. USS Swatara was decommissioned in 1891.

Wikipedia’s Webpage to learn more about the Swatara Creek

Enjoy these videos of the Mushing adventure!

Raritan River

July 23, 2015 the WooFDriver took the WooFPAK on an exciting Midnight Mushing Tour of the Columbia Trail in New Jersey. There was definitely a spooky feeling as they rolled passed some of the abandoned buildings at night along the trail.

Before the sun went down they got a view of the South Branch of the Raritan River. A major river of central New Jersey, the 30 mile long Raritan River drains into the Raritan Bay then into the Atlantic Ocean. On the years environmental measures have reduced pollution of the river which resulted in better water quality. From its fresh waters upriver to the tidal waters closer to the bay, the aquatic creatures have benefited greatly with increased populations of fish and crustaceans.

Wikipedia’s Webpage to learn more about the Raritan River

Please enjoy these videos from the Midnight Mushing Tour!

Stony Creek

On September 21, 2015 the WooFDriver took the WooFPAK on a Midnight Mushing Tour of Stony Valley Railroad Grade in Pennsylvania. At one time the hunting grounds for the Native American tribes of the Delaware and Shawnee, this area turned into an essential corridor for early industry mills of the settlers mainly for lumbering and coal mining. By 1944 mining and lumber industries were exhausted in the valley leaving no use for the railroad. Soon after in 1945 the trail was made into one of the nation’s earliest rail trails.

The rail trail follows Stony Creek and the WooFPAK enjoyed some exploring time around the creek before the mush started. Stony Creek flows from Rausch Creek and through Dresden Lake, alongside the rail trail, before feeding into the Susquehanna River.

Trail Link Website to learn more about the rail trail and surrounding area

Here are photos from the adventure!
Midnight Mushers Stony Creek 9.21.2015

Enjoy these videos from the Midnight Mushing Tour!

Sherman Creek

May 7, 2015 the WooFDriver and his crew took the WooFPAK for a Mushing tour of mountain roads Hemlock Road to Upper Bucks Ridge Road in Pennsylvania. They mushed through four different park areas including the start in Big Spring State Forest, passing through Hemlock Natural Area, Tuscarora State Forest, and Fowlers Hollow State Park.

While the WooFPAK mushed they paralleled Sherman Creek. Located in Perry County, this 53.4 mile long creek flows into the Susquehanna River.

Wikipedia’s Webpage to learn more about Sherman Creek

Please enjoy these videos of the WooFDriver’s Mushing adventures on Hemlock Road and Upper Bucks Ridge Road!

On January 4, 2016 the WooFDriver took the WooFPAK on another Mushing Tour of Upper Bucks Ridge Road in Pennsylvania. Meanwhile an underwater camera was placed in the Sherman Creek to see what might swim by while they were mushing!

Enjoy video footage from what was captured underwater!

Greenbrier River

On December 27, 2015 the WooFDriver and his crew headed out to the Greenbrier River Trail in West Virginia to Mush the WooFPAK. This 77 mile long corridor was originally built for the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway in the late 1890s to serve the booming businesses of timber and tanneries to name a few.

The trail is named after the river that runs beside it, the Greenbrier River. This 173 mile long tributary of the New River is one of the longest rivers in West Virginia. It is the longest untamed river in the eastern United States and for that reason is enjoyed by many for recreational purposes.

Wikipedia’s Webpage to learn more about the Greenbrier River

Please enjoy the photo album from this adventure!
WDOT GreenBrier River Trail 12.27.2015

Also enjoy these videos from the Mushing Adventure!

The Cheat River

On November 5, 2015 the WooFDriver took the PAK on a tour of the Allegheny Highlands Trail in West Virginia. The trail is 24.5 miles long through countryside, mountains, small towns, farmlands and parallels the Cheat River for several miles.

The Cheat River is 78.3 miles long and flows into the Monongahela River. It is among the largest watersheds in the eastern United States that is not dammed, it flows freely. There are several theories of how the river got its name, with the most common being from the deceptive deep sections that contain whirlpools that drown men ‘cheating’ them of their lives.

Wikipedia’s Webpage to learn more about the Cheat River

Enjoy this photo album from the Mushing Adventure!
WDOT Allegheny Highlands Trail 11.05.15

Here is a video from the Mush! Underwater footage in the Cheat River while the WooFPAK runs the trail!

Trout Run

May 1, 2015 the WooFDriver and the PAK went to Trout Run for a Mushing adventure in the Tuscarora State Forest of Pennsylvania! The trail follows the Trout Run waterway with the Gunter Valley Reservoir midway. This area was logged by many companies of the lumber industry from the early 1900’s to 1930. The Civilian Conservation Corps came in 1933 working with state forestry personnel to construct and maintain park roads, trails and bridges.

PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Website to learn more about the Tuscarora State Forest

Enjoy the videos of this adventure!

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