Miscellaneous July 20, 2012

Tribute To The Helpful

When i was a kid, my parents always said, that there is nothing impossible. They thought that they were lying, but they didn’t. Because of their support and helpfulness i graduated the high school, found a job and started my next,  independent and well-balanced life stage.

And when you grow up everything slightly changes. Your dreams  become impossible or unrealistic. Your passions turn into puerility. You are forced to forget your “childish” dreams and get something real. So why “…there is nothing impossible.” became  “…get something real.”? Because you’ve become an adult?

No matter you are a grown-up or a child, everyone needs a support and belief.  Imagine the childhood of the kid, whose parents would be honest and straight with him. “Your paintings are crap”, “You will never be a good musician”, “You are stupid and not talented”. I don’t believe that this kid could graduate or achieve something.

This is why it is very important to help and support others every time. Maybe a puerile and childish dream will become a next Nobel Prize?

For one’s ideas to materialize, support is vital. Because of some people’s helpfulness, the world keeps on moving forward. We would like to thank them for their love and dedication.

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