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Miscellaneous June 18, 2013

30 Creative Ads Using Oversized Objects

Advertising is that kind of a thing we confront everyday. This post is about 30 most creative and exciting advertisements made…

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Miscellaneous August 19, 2012 2

Who Needs An Advertising Agency, Anyway?

What is the future of advertising? Will companies customers change advertising agencies? When we started to work with Harley-Davidson we had this…

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Miscellaneous August 15, 2012 3

What’s the Real Value of a Facebook “Like”?

THE LIMITATIONS OF ‘LIKE’ Whenever anything happens 3.2 billion times per day, you have to wonder whether its recurrence diminishes its significance….

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Miscellaneous June 25, 2012

Inspiring marketing agencies websites

Marketing agencies always position themselves that they are specialists in creativity.  So it’s natural that these companies overall  image and website should…

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Miscellaneous June 17, 2012

Israel anti-drug campaign through the social media

The Israel anti-drug organization runned social media campaign “Drugs set your timeline” to draw attention on increasing young adults prolonged drug…

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Miscellaneous June 12, 2012

Most creative marketing ideas (part 2)

Today marketing efficiency more and more depends on originality,uniqueness and good ideas. In this post we can see how anything can be…

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Miscellaneous June 10, 2012

Most creative marketing ideas (part 1)

The efficiency of today’s marketing more and more depends on originality,uniqueness and good ideas.  This collection of really creative marketing ideas is a…