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How to write an effective cover letter

Have you ever tried imagine yourself as a HR department manager getting hundreds of same cover letters per day? “Dear Sir or Madam,  i am writing you for….., i am very good at…..i will shit in my pants if you hire me  (like other 1000 applicants)”.  Today’s technology gives you an opportunity to Bcc your applications to hundreds of companies. Also you can easily find thousands of resumes and cover letter samples to use. Just change your name and that’s all,  your “amazing” cover letter is done.  Sadly true, majority of applicants choose this easy way to introduce themselves and bigger part of them fail.  In this article we’ll give you tips  how to write an effective cover letter, which let you to stand out from others.


Don’t use any Sirs or Madams.  Take some time to find out who is responsible for candidates selection and address your cover letter directly to the hiring manager or recruiter.


Getting a good job isn’t just a  game of numbers. Don’t Bcc your cover letter to hundreds of companies. Personalize it. Show your interest to that company. Tell them why do you want to work especially here. Let them think that they are the only company where you would like to work.

Highlight the company

Do the research. Understand company goals and values. Position your cover letter to the company. Talk about them, not about yourself. Prove  how your personal qualities and skills will help them to achieve company goals.

Match the requirements

Hiring managers recommend this very effective and simple trick: Make two columns in the cover letter. On one side, list the top five requirements that the company wants, and on the other, list how you’d meet each requirement


Share your personal life story, be sincere. Tell them how you acquired your personal qualities and skills. Openness will definitely draw readers attention.


Surprise the reader in the beginning . Make an unexpected introduction. Ask a question, use appropriate humor. Employers say, that they still remember all the intros of the people they hired. Make your intro really memorable.

20 second rule

It is said, that you have about 20 seconds to interest your employer.  Make your cover letter short and clear, create impressive and memorable intro. Make sure that 20 seconds will be enough time to stand out from others.

As you can see, writing an effective cover letter is not that difficult. Follow these tips and try to be creative. Don’t afraid to stand out and you’ll be observed.

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