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“Home” by the Breathtaking Gabrielle Aplin

One of the best and, in my opinion, the best song by Gabrielle Aplin


Gabrielle Aplin is an English singer-songwriter. She gained a lot of popularity with her single “The Power of Love”, and “Please Don’t Say You Love Me” reached UK top 10.

“Please Don’t Say You Love Me”

Aplin didn’t even plan to be a musician. In fact she has never attended a single music class. Her main interest at the time was English literature. She loved TS Eliot and wrote her own poetry and stories. “I found I could make my own chord patterns and fit them to words, and that’s kind of what I still do. The early songs meant a lot to me at the time.” – Says Aplin in Telegraph. The songwriter even doubts if she could sing at least well.

gabrielle aplin home

Cover of the single “Home”

gabrielle aplin home

“I write songs and I sing them. I never formulated a plan, I can’t tell anyone else how to do this. But it feels right, so I just kind of enjoy it and get on with it.”

gabrielle aplin home

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