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GAP Trail

Great Allegheny Passage

The WooFDriver has taken the WooFPAK mushing on much of the Great Allegheny Passage trail, otherwise known as the GAP trail. The trail is 150 miles long and connects with the C&O Canal Towpath to connect Washington D.C. to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania through the Allegheny region of the Appalachian Mountains using many old railroad ways. The first section opened for use in 1986.

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Enjoy these videos of WooFDriver’s Mushing adventures on the GAP Trail!

Here is an album from some of the GAP Trail adventures, more follow in additional posts below!
WDOT Gap Trail 12.27.2013

GAP Trail – Frostburg, Maryland

The WooFDriver has Mushed the Frostburg, Maryland portion of the GAP Trail a couple times with the WooFPAK. The town of Frostburg began in 1811 when surveying began for the National Pike road. This road was used to transport crops and materials to the east coast markets. Meshach Frost built the first house here in 1812. Of course this area is known for its university as well. Frostburg State University had its first class graduation in 1904. With the only available course of study at this time, a two-year elementary-education program.

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Please enjoy this album from the WooFDriver’s Mushing Tour on December 20, 2013!
WDOT Great Allegheny Passage Frostburg 12.20.2013

Here is another album from a Mushing Tour on February 1, 2012
WooFDriver On Tour - Great Allegheny Passage, Frostburg MD 2.01.2012

Also, enjoy this video footage from this part of the GAP Trail!

GAP Trail – Mount Savage

On November 20, 2015 the WooFDriver went on a tour of the GAP Trail in the area of the Big Savage Tunnel. Both the mountain and the tunnel are named after the early surveyor John Savage. In this area, it is told that in 1736 he narrowly escaped being a victim of cannibalism. The tunnel is the longest tunnel on the GAP Trail and is closed in the winter to protect it from ice damage.

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Here is the WooFDriver and the PAK Mushing through the Big Savage Tunnel!

GAP Trail – Rockwood, Pennsylvania

On January 13, 2014 the WooFDriver took the WooFPAK on a Mushing Tour on the section of the GAP Trail that runs by Rockwood, Pennsylvania. Rockwood is located below the West-side crest of the Eastern Continental Divide along the north bank of the Casselman River. The town sits beside the historic Baltimore and Ohio Railroad that is now owned and operated by CSX. Rockwood was a stop on the daily Amtrak trains that run from Pittsburgh and Cumberland, Maryland, but that ceased on April 30, 1971.

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Please enjoy this photo album from the WooFDriver’s Mushing Tour in the Rockwood area!
WDOT Gap Trail Rockwood 1.13.2014

Enjoy the footage for the Mushing Adventure on this part of the GAP Trail!

GAP Trail – Confluence, Pennsylvania

December 19, 2012 the WooFDriver and his crew took the WooFPAK on a Mushing Tour of the GAP Trail in the area of Confluence, Pennsylvania. Confluence was named for its location at the junction of the Casselman River, Laurel Hill Creek and the Youghiogheny River. Mount Davis, the highest point in Pennsylvania is located nearby. This makes for great hiking as well as great boating and fishing in this area.

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Visit Confluence Website is another great link to learn more about this town

Enjoy this photo album of the WooFDriver’s Mushing Tour in the area of Confluence, Pennsylvania!
WooFDriver On Tour - GAP Trail Confluence PA 12.19.2012

Here is video footage from the Mushing Tour of this part of the GAP Trail!

GAP Trail – Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania

On January 18, 2014 the WooFDriver took the WooFPAK on a Mushing Tour of the GAP Trail that runs beside Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania. King George III declared this area to be a Native American Reservation in 1763 and all European settlers were suppose to leave. When they refused King George bought the land from the Iroquois in 1768. After the purchase the land was claimed by both Pennsylvania and Virginia, this dispute was not resolved until 1784.

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Please enjoy the photo album from this Mushing Tour!
WDOT Gap Trail Ohiopyle 1.18.2014

Also enjoy the video from this portion of the GAP Trail!

GAP Trail – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

On July 13, 2015 the WooFDriver took the PAK on a Mushing tour of the Pittsburgh portion of the GAP Trail. This included parts of neighborhoods, but also of the beautiful nature scenery surrounding the area as they mushed next to the Monongahela River. This portion of the GAP (Great Allegheny Passage) Trail is the northern most point of the trail at Point State Park in Pennsylvania. Point State Park is located in the area of three rivers, at the tip of Pittsburgh’s ‘Golden Triangle’. The park was opened in 1974 and the next year designated a National Historic Landmark.

PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Website to learn more about Point State Park

Please enjoy these videos of this mushing adventure!

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