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Music October 25, 2013

Incredible Music Covers by Tyler Ward

Thrift shop – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (Tyler Ward & Lindsey Stirling Cover) It is actually hard to find the words…

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Music October 23, 2013

“Home” by the Breathtaking Gabrielle Aplin

One of the best and, in my opinion, the best song by Gabrielle Aplin “Home” Gabrielle Aplin is an English singer-songwriter….

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Miscellaneous July 14, 2013

Massive 7 000 000 Kg of Algae Strikes Chinese Beaches

The majority of beaches near eastern city of Qingdao in China suffered an influx of world’s biggest algae ever grown. The…

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Miscellaneous June 18, 2013

30 Creative Ads Using Oversized Objects

Advertising is that kind of a thing we confront everyday. This post is about 30 most creative and exciting advertisements made…

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Miscellaneous October 14, 2012

Creative Advertisements by Science World Museum

Since 2005 Science World museum have created a lot of amazing advertising campaigns a series of brilliant ambient and billboard ads…

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Miscellaneous September 11, 2012

13 Crazy Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

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Miscellaneous August 19, 2012 4

The Evolution of Web Design

A top priority of today’s websites is easy to use and customers friendly interface.  Are web design trends  coming back to…

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Miscellaneous August 19, 2012 2

Who Needs An Advertising Agency, Anyway?

What is the future of advertising? Will companies customers change advertising agencies? When we started to work with Harley-Davidson we had this…

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Miscellaneous August 15, 2012 3

What’s the Real Value of a Facebook “Like”?

THE LIMITATIONS OF ‘LIKE’ Whenever anything happens 3.2 billion times per day, you have to wonder whether its recurrence diminishes its significance….

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Miscellaneous August 1, 2012

Unlocking your Creativity …. May be in doing less

Some days work can make you feel like you’ve lost your creativity. Recently, I’ve coached a client that use  the phrase…