World’s Largest Vertical Garden Grows on Italian Shopping Center

I guess Francisco Bollani just thought that an usual garden for this shopping centre in Italian town of Rozanno was just not enough. The Italian architect and his team made something really special and even worth a Guinness record this time. The shopping centre claimed the record for the world‘s biggest vertical garden. This unique garden covers 1,263 square meters of the walls of commercial complex and contains around 44,000 plants.

That‘s not some kind of a bindweed. These thousands of plants just simply grew on the walls of the building. “It took us a year to grow the plants in a greenhouse and 90 days to build the facade,” Bollani told AFP. “It was like building a giant Lego!”. The head of the team really means it. It can look like there is soil covering the walls, from which it all grows, but if you look closely you can see that, all the flora grows on the wall that is lined with the metallic containers that reminds of Lego shape pieces. This way it costed a lot more ( around $1.3 million) than the traditional way, but it was much easier to construct.

This magnificent garden is not all about beauty. Shopping centre director Simone Rao said: “This is sustainable architecture, which can combine beauty with energy saving while respecting the environment.” It is really hot out there sometimes and piece of art helps to regulate the temperature in the building. It absorbs carbon dioxide and doesn‘t let the noises from outside get within the walls of the shopping centre.