Wire-Based Sculptures by David Moreno

How many materials for sclupture making could you think of? I bet your answer starts and ends with limestone or ice. This article is about a bit different sculptures. Sculptures formed out of a simple wire.

David Moreno is a Spanish sculptor based in Barcelona with a special skill. He is a true talent to be able to manipulate wires to create sketch reminiscent sculptures. Artist‘s works remind of nothing more than an usual pencil-drawn sketch, don‘t they? But if you look closely, you see there is nothing you can associate with a pencil in that bunch of wires.

To reveal all details of the sculptures, craftsman‘s works are presented in black white background of his gallery. As you have already noticed Moreno chooses in variety of many different types of forms. One job having nothing in common with another. You can find chairs, houses, even some configurations of human being. All this confusion is explained by David‘s ambition to represent exploration of his selfood, identity, personality. That is some good idea from a real artist.