Weird Transparent Frog Which Internal Organs Are Visible Through Skin

It was a long time since I’ve written something about the nature.  Don’t say you haven’t missed those extremely beautiful and, at the same time, hardly perceivable natural phenomena. Today I’ve discovered something that is rather weird and creepy than beautiful, however, in any case, it’s very interesting and worth sharing.

What I actually discovered was the Glass Frogs, a fascinating and probably the most bizzare frog family in the world, notable for a few nowhere-else seen “features”. First of all, these frogs have a transparent skin. The second even more fascinating “feature” is that all internal organs, including the heart, liver, and gastrointestinal tract, are clearly visible from the outside.

These Rainforest crystals are very small creatures, ranging from 3 to 7,5 cm (1.2 to 3.0 in) in length. There are about 60 different types of glass frogs. Different species can be found in Central and South American rain forests, usually in the canopy, far above the ground. Glass frogs aren’t a novelty to the scientists, however, due to their habitat loss, they are one of the most endangered frog species in the world and this makes them hard to find.

glass-frog 1


Credits: Through Glass


Credits: Chris Jimenez