Unbelievable Light Patterns in Long Exposure Photographs by Martin Kimbell

Hey guys. How are you doing? Today I really wanted to write something about the nature since I haven’t written about it for at least a month. However, Martin Kimbell and his unbelievable series of long exposure photographs made me to rethink today’s repertoire. Thanks to him!

I’ve seen thousands of long exposure photographs, but despite of that, Martin’s shots blowed my mind. Swirling light patterns in his photographs look like mysterious tornados and I’ve never seen  photographers to produce light patterns of such form before. While looking at these long exposure masterpieces the only thought sticks in my head: How the hell he did this?

In order to capture these unbelievable light patters, the England-based photographer attaches LED lights to a hoop and then tosses it up in the air to document the movement. “What I love about light painting is that it gives me a level of control and creative freedom which is rare in most forms of photography. Through the adding of different light patterns, or by illuminating it differently, I can completely transform the scene.”, explains Martin Kimbell.