Typographic Sculptures Made of Candy by Massimo Gammacurta

“Eat me” is a series of typographic sculptures made of candy. The author of the series is Massimo Gammacurta, a USA-based conceptual photographer and multimedia artist. Asked what is his source of inspiration, Massimo explains, “Movement and sensuality are the dynamos that drive my creative engine. As a photographer, I strive to reveal the hidden facets of mundane objects and circumstances. Like actors in a play, my still life subjects act out the daily struggle for emotional balance within the frame and lens. The challenge I continually undertake is: draw the viewer to the image and then make the trip inward more than worthwhile. Hopefully, not without some elegance, the photos I take can speak for me; as they reveal the friction and infectious energy of living I share with them.”

Enjoy the series and don’t forget to visit his bechance profile for more great masterpieces!



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