Two Artists Live in a Giant Hamster Wheel

Artists Ward Shelley and Alex Schweder initiated an ongoing art installation called In Orbit at the Boiler Art Center in Brooklyn. Literally they constructed a 25-foot giant hamster wheel made from wood, steel and furniture where they’ll be living 24/7 for the first ten days.

Two living units are arrayed over this hamster-wheel-like sculpture, one around the inside of the circumference and another on the outside. Ward Shelley  lives on the exterior of the wheel nearly 30 ft. off the floor, while Alex Schweder lives on the inside. Through coordinated movements they can rotate the wheel to access beds, desks  and even a kitchen-bathroom. Each piece of Shelley’s furniture is aligned with it’s Schweder counterpart. So they both have to work at their desk, use the bathroom or sleep at the same time.

The artists will live in the structure from February 28 through March 9, 2014. From that date until April 5, 2014, the end of the exhibition, the structure will remain on view in the exhibition space as an installation.








Credits of the photographs belong to Scott Lynch