This Photo Is Actually a Pencil Perfect Drawing

Diego Fazo – Italian artist has some talent in drawing. At 22 years old tattoo artist made a decision to create portraits and as you see from photos below, he is pretty successful with that. From first look it seems nothing more than some nice high-definition photos. Just to be clear, yes, it is drawn with a simple pencil!

Diego started as many ‘‘small“, unknown artists sharing their photos on Deviant Art. Fazo‘s latest masterpieces have drawn tons of pisitive comments on Deviant Art and made him pretty popular. He first started out as a tattoo artist but then his passion for photo-realistic drawing showed his real talent. Italian managed to develop the technique all by him self. Although he had some inspiration from various Japanese artists, like Katsushika Hokusai.

The incredible artist even had to prove people these pictures are actually pencil-drawn by showing some captures of the progress of portrait creation. I don‘t judge them. It is really hard to believe it is hand-made.