Technicolored Thread Sculptures by Gabriel Dawe

Our last article was about scluptures made of wire. Today it is something more flexible and more coloured. Sculptures installed into interior of many various buildings from London, Demark, Texas, Mexico and tons more from all over the world by Gabriel Dawe.

Gabriel Dawe – the owner of this unique idea is a graphic designer, an artist from Mexico City. The only material used in it is thread. Shining and blending in all rainbow colours. By this it is tried to merge fashion concepts with sculpture basics. The only way artist manipulates the thread is by straining them and this way it makes an image of bright coloured rays of light shooting straight to the wall. Talking more about the works of Dawe we have to mention The Plexus Series art installation. Designer‘s purpose to make the sculptures part of a building is even more impressive. He just adjusts these light rays into some angular shapes, and he does it perfectly.

Gabriel is a real master of arts. His story began working as a graphic designer in Mexico City. Later the artist continues his journey and moves to Montreal. Dawe‘s imagination was just too big for restrained graphic design, I guess, as he gave it all up and started working with not the most masculine side of art. No matter how much machismo it shows us, every single work of his still look incredible for me.

‘these installations are related as well to the human need for shelter and man’s ultimate vulnerability. one thing fashion and architecture have in common
is their function of protecting the individual. by taking the main component of clothing—sewing thread—and generating an architectural structure with it,
scale and material are reversed to create a new construction that no longer shelters the material needs of the body, but instead creates
something that is symbolic of the nonphysical structures humanity needs to survive as a species’.