Surreal Stone Sculptures by Hirotoshi Itoh

Hirotoshi Itoh is a stone sculptor artist based in Matsumoto City in Japan which have a talent to turn even the most boring things such a stones into spectacular and creative artworks.

At the very first sight, some of his artworks looks like very detailed 3D paintings, however it’s not.  To create his art pieces, Itoh uses locally sourced rocks and materials from the town’s river and uses the common sculptor tools such as chisels and saws in order to grind and shape rocks to the desired form.

Personally, I would love to have stone wallet. It would be a great part of my image and the tool of self-defence.

Sureal stone sculptures1

Sureal stone sculptures2

Sureal stone sculptures3

Sureal stone sculptures4

Sureal stone sculptures5

Sureal stone sculptures6

Sureal stone sculptures7

Sureal stone sculptures8


All credits  belong to Hirotoshi Itoh (Check more of his artworks here)