South Moravia – Windows XP Wallpaper like Sceneries

Do you remember those times when “Windows XP” was something revolutionary? To begin with, just please don’t think that after 2 years of art blogging I’ll start write about technology and high-tech ****. Nevertheless, today I’ll show you something that combines art, nature and even technology. Of course, not directly, but rather at the level of associations.

By getting back to the “Windows” topic, I would like to ask you one question. Do you remember that default Windows XP wallpaper, which is acknowledged as the most popular photo in the world? I mean, that surreal-like photo portraying a landscape with unnaturally vivid green hill. Yes, of course you remember! So, this wallpaper was the first thought popped into my head when I was scrolling thought the photos of South Moravia. I’m not exaggerating, the highlands of South Moravia looks so greenly surreal that sometimes I think this is how the heaven should look like in the eyes of “greenpeace” fanatics.

For those who don’t know, South Moravia region is an administrative unit of the Czech Republic, located in the south-western part of its historical region of Moravia. The northern and north-western part of the region is covered by the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands, which is one of the most popular spots in this region among the tourists.

To highlight the surreal beauty of this region, I’ve gathered a collection of 10 most beautiful photos taken in the highlands of South Moravia. Enjoy!


Credits: Jack Sedlar


Credits: Redek Severa


Credits: Marek Ujcik


Credits: Marek Ujcik


Credits: Janek Sedlar


Credits: Janek Sedlar


Credits: Daniel Rericha


Credits: Janek Sedlar


Credits: Daniel Rericha


Credits: Peter Kovac