Series of Photo Manipulations Portraying Retro Hover Cars

Hover car is a commonly met thing in science fiction movies and video games as well as long-lasting dream for technology and car fanatics. However, most of the times these flying cars are being portrayed in the distant future where they rather look like a small spaceship than a car.

Nevertheless, French-based photographer Renaud Marion has a slightly different vision. Renaud created a series of photo manipulations portraying not a banal “future stuff”, but well known retro cars hovering in usual urban settings. It looks like he perfectly combines the beauty of retro design with a futuristic technology thus creating an eye-grabbing series of pictures.

What I like the most in this series of photo manipulations is that it allows you to imagine old retro days with hover cars. I mean, wouldn’t it be perfect to take a drive with a hover 60’s Mustang?