Sculptures Made From Plastic looking like Computer Graphics

Since the CAT IN WATER was launched, I have featured a vast variety of sculptures made from plastic. Due to environmental fanaticism, most of them were made from the discarded plastic. The sculptures I’m going to present you today aren’t an exception.

However, most of the sculptures made from discarded plastic sucks. I mean, often they aren’t so extraordinary or beautiful that it would be worth to publish them in the mass media. Nevertheless, the fact that they are made from discarded plastic makes them all “brilliant”.

Aurora Robson’s sculptures, which I’m going to present you today, are different. Of course they are made from discarded plastic, however it isn’t what makes them unique. What grabbed my attention the most, was the fact that Aurora’s sculptures look like computer graphics. Do you know those surreal and minimalistic desktop wallpapers?  Actually, I thought she makes these wallpapers until I have watched the video about her works.

Love her works!

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