Rainbow Roses – Most Colourful Flowers in the World

Roses have many colours. Some of them are red, yellow, white and some of them are even pink. Red ones mean passion and romance, yellow ones speak of friendship, and pink can express your thanks. However, have you ever wanted to convey all of these meanings with just a one rose? With Rainbow rose you actually can!

Rainbow Roses are multi-coloured flowers which were designed by Peter van de Werken, a Netherlands-based florist who graduated from the Agricultural College in 1992. During his studies he specialized in biology, physics and chemistry. One of his main hobbies was colouring flowers with natural dyes. His scientific background combined with this hobby and work resulted in a great Rainbow Rose.

“It is wonderful to experience that the Rainbow Rose is rapidly dispersed through the world. What touches me most is the Rainbow Rose means for many people something special, the rose adds something to their lives. Particular stories, special events, emotional situations. The Rainbow Rose gives the power to bring perspective, to process or share. “, says Peter van de Werke.

Actually Rainbow roses don’t grow up multi-coloured by themselves. These roses are made manually by inserting dye into their stem. This process takes 12 and 24 hours, but how the different petal turn out different color is the patented secret of Peter Van Werken.


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