Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees in Hawaii

No, this is not a part of any artwork. Actually, Rainbow Eucalyptus is a real specie of trees found at various locations around the Hawaii island. Unlike any other species, an up to 70-m tall rainbow eucalyptus tree have a bark that change colours according to it’s oldness. It’s bark can have shadings from yellow and green to orange and even purple.

At first sight, it looks like an attack of a crazy abstract painter, however no single paint brush hasn’t touched these trees. Scientists explain that the different colours are the indicators of a bark age. Younger parts of a bark have greener shades and as it get older bark’s colour changes from blue to purple and then reaches orange and maroon tones.

What a colorful natural phenomenon.


Credits: Jupiter Queen


Credits: Jupiter Queen


Credits: Marta’s Lens


Credits: Matthew Ciminero



Credits: Ross Schreiter


Credits: Roy Goldsberry


Credits: Scott Sesko