Public Art Installation Made of 250,000 Euro-Cent Coins

In the course of eight days and with the help of more than 100 volunteers, Sagmeister & Walsh, a New-York-based design company created  a public art installation made of 250,000 euro cent coins. Foremost, 250,000 coins were sorted into four different shades and then one by one placed over the 300 sq. meter area on Waagdragerhof Square in Amsterdam to spell out the words: “Obsessions Make my Life Worse and My Work Better”.

At first sight, it looks like kind of a social campaign emphasising a growing threat of workaholism. Much to our surprise, a message of public art installation had nothing negative to say. Contrary to our first impression, it’s actually highlighting a passion for work. Stefan Segmeister, an art director of this installation, explains, “I rarely obsess about things in my private life. I fail to care about the right shade of green for the couch, the sexual details of an ex-lover or the correct temperature of the meeting room AC. I don’t think I miss much. However, I do obsess over our work and think that a number of our better projects came out of such an obsession…obsessions seem to be an important ingredient in the work of many of our favorite contemporary artists.”

We think you might be considering how much time this public art installation (or a Holy Grail for homeless people) has “survived”. Sadly, but there’s no accurate data on this, however less than 20 hours after the grand opening, a local resident noticed a first person bagging the coins and taking them away.






Credits of the photographs belong to Sagmeister & Walsh.