Powerful Emotions Captured in Surreal Portraits Made by 15-Year-Old Photographer

Over the last few month I was thinking a lot how today’s world is becoming more and more artificial. Even the art has been commercialised at a great extent.

As a result, to find an artwork that conveys deep feelings and real emotions is a tough thing. However, today I have something really powerful for you.

My today’s exploration is a 15-year-old photographer David Uzochukwu and his breath-taking series of surreal portraits revealing deep and powerful emotions. A Belgium-based photographer has also been featured on 20under20, a new Flickr’s initiative that showcases most talented young photographers across the world.

“I love to tell stories and to convey certain feelings and emotions in an image. What really intrigues me is that photography—like all other art forms—can be so universal that you can be touched by a picture that someone else has created. Furthermore you can make the images in your head become reality. This amazes me again and again.”, says David.