Pont de Signe – a Hanging Bridge Suspended by Helium-filled Balloons

Olivier Grossetete – an artist from French presents us Pont de Singe – a hanging bridge.  Sadly, not for humans. The construction is attached to balloons filled with helium. As a part of natural environment it is pretty unusual, isn’t it?

Three balloons and it seems there is no laws of gravity. The whole object dangles above a lake in the UK. Installation looks pretty amazing and harmless to the nature but as always the are some negative opinions. Helium as as a material is pretty rare and scarce resource, and so according to that, creations like this shouldn’t develop too much.

Artist‘s mentality considers of two factors : natural and human-built environment. His idea is to build constructions that can adjust with nature. For instance, in this situation it is made cleverly. World warming awares us of water level raise. I don‘t see any problems with that for this bridge. “I like the idea that an object is supposed to connect two mobile spaces“ he says. Talking more about this, Olivier‘s works shows us he‘s not land-based-like. As it is created for environment, not for use, it doesn’t matter how built the bridge is. The thing that matters, is how it adapts and functions with nature.