Photos of Ocean During the Storm in Montauk by Dalton Portella

Meet Dalton Portella, a New-York-based painter and photographer who is the author of a breathtaking series of photos, which I’m going to present you today. Dalton did a really spectacular job by conducting a photo series depicting the powerful force of ocean during the stormy weather in Montauk. 

As each storm rolls in, the ocean moves with violent force to create waves that curl up and crash down again in an instant. Portella captures those exciting moments with a single snap of his shutter, and viewers will almost feel the mist of the ocean water spraying up throughout the air.

“With my art, I capture essence; the essence of places I’ve been, emotions I’ve felt, and the subjects I paint and photograph. I portray the broad range of the human experience.”, explains Dalton Portella

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