Photographs of Live Models Wearing 2-Dimensional Paper Clothes

If you belong to the Y – Generation (born between the 1980’s to the early 1990’s), you should be very familiar with a paper dolls we used to play in our childhood. Do you remember those days not so long ago when you were making various tiny paper clothes and then thoroughly fitting them on your dolls made of paper? Don’t say that you don’t feel nostalgia! Pixus Prod, a Paris-based photography agency, specialising in photography production and post-production created a series of photographs, titled “Paperdoll”, which literally portrays live models wearing a human-sized 2-dimensional paper clothes. Initiated by Raise Magazine, this project seems to bring us back to the childhood and remind something we’ve forgotten long time ago.


Live-models-with-2D-clothes2 Live-models-with-2D-clothes3 Live-models-with-2D-clothes4 Live-models-with-2D-clothes5 Live-models-with-2D-clothes6