Photographer Incorporates Glowing Square in Nigh-Time Landscapes

Benoit Paille is a Canada-based photographer who is very well known for his constant experiments with environment, both social and natural. One of the main Benoit’s activities is night-time photography where he experiments with lighting and precisely incorporates glowing objects to create unconventional landscapes.

A series of photographs we’re going to present you today is called “Alternative Landscapes”. In this series Canada-based photographer captures night-time landscapes incorporating a lighting method involving a suspended glowing square. The images below aren’t photoshopped, the glowing sqaure is instead hung in the center of each photograph and the resulting image shows the unique form of illumination that creeps into the surrounding area.

Artist explains, “I was interested in the introduction of a man-made object in an outdoor setting, a luminous square, a human element that forms a relationship with nature and helps it to be reborn. From this I feel a kind of poetry blossoms, linked to the presence of this regular shape, like a recurrent canvas that symbolically references creation, the blank page, the empty space that needs to be inhabited”


Alternative-landscapes-2 Alternative-landscapes-3 Alternative-landscapes-4 Alternative-landscapes-5 Alternative-landscapes-6 Alternative-landscapes-7 Alternative-landscapes-8 Alternative-landscapes-9 Alternative-landscapes-10 Alternative-landscapes-11 Alternative-landscapes-12 Alternative-landscapes-13 Alternative-landscapes-14 Alternative-landscapes-15 Alternative-landscapes-16