Photographer Captures Reactions of Loved Ones to His AIDS Diagnosis


“I have something to tell you”. Unfortunately, there won’t be any stories. This is the name of the last Adrain Chesser’s photo series where photographer reveals AIDS diagnosis to his family and friends while capturing their responses on camera.

After the diagnosis Adrain Chesser had a paralysing fear to reveal shocking news to his loved ones. Photographer realised that photographing of his friends during the disclosure of his life-changing information might be a way to overcome fear.

The Florida-based photographer invited each of his friends and loved ones separately in his studio, putting everyone through the same routine and creating a formal process. The beginning of each shot Adrains started by saying “I have something to tell you”.

Every photograph presents separate person in Chesser’s life and his or her honest and unsettled reaction to the diagnosis. Sadness, fear, excitement, madness are the words that perfectly characterise a whole photo series, however,  Adrain adds, “While these photos are probably the worst pictures ever taken of my friends, they are undoubtedly the most beautiful.”

adrain Aids revealing1

adrain Aids revealing2

adrain Aids revealing3

adrain Aids revealing4

adrain Aids revealing5

adrain Aids revealing6

adrain Aids revealing7

adrain Aids revealing8

adrain Aids revealing9

adrain Aids revealing10

adrain Aids revealing11

adrain Aids revealing12

All credits of the photographs belong to Adrain Chesser. Visit his website for more great photo series.