Photo Manipulations Combining Photography and Drawing

Sebastien Del Grosso is a Paris-based photographer and illustrator who brings us completely different perspective of photography. Masterly combining photographs and self-made scotches, he creates surreal photo manipulations portraying the main stages of his life in a different way. The main reason artist has chosen this unique technique is his deeply rooted passion for drawing. Sebastien adds, “Since my childhood, drawing has always been my passion, but when I discovered photography, I thought that the combination of these two passions could give me more opportunities to portray my imagination.”

Sebastien’s series of photo manipulations, titled “The sketch of life” portrays the main stages of his life not without a reason. Drawing have taken a major part in this artists’s childhood, therefore he wanted to present the importance of drawing during his life journey figuratively. “In this series I wanted to illustrate my life, like my sketches gave birth to each of his actions or by the intervention of people who are close to me (in “sketch your mentor” for example with the intervention of my grandmother who taught me in the drawing), or events that have been important to me.”, explains Sebastien del Rosso.

* Also, I would like to note that in the end of this post I’ve included a series of his newest photo manipulations portraying his “scetchy” hands. However, these manipulations are not related to the description provided above.

scetch 12

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