Pensioner Spent 10 Years Creating Dragon-Shaped Hedge Sculpture

Do you remember pensioner, who have created world’s first wooden Beetle?  Today I have something new from the “headquarters of pensioners” – the 150 ft. long dragon-shaped hedge sculpture. The author of this sculpture is UK-based pensioner John Brooker. Giant dragon-shapes hedge sculpture cost John more than 10 years. Of course the majority of this time John spent waiting his hedge to grow.

John’s idea to shape giant dragon out of his hedges came accidentally. As John said in the interview, “I was tired of looking at a straight hedge, to be honest. It was pretty boring after a couple of years, and I thought, I’d cut the top into some arches, and then I thought, ‘what am I going to do at the end?’ Gotta have a head on it. And then I thought, ‘It’s going to be a dragon.”

If you are from UK, visit Norfolfk. There you will have a chance to see this giant beast live and maybe to talk with it’s author. For those who aren’t able to do that I invite you to scroll down and enjoy the collection of photographs!


dragon-shaped-hedge-topiary-john-brooker-3 dragon-shaped-hedge-topiary-john-brooker-1 dragon-shaped-hedge-topiary-john-brooker-2