Outstanding Photo Series of Acrobatic Dancer Playing With Powder

Jeffrey Vanhoutte is a Belgium-based photographer and the author of an outstanding photo series where he captures a professional acrobatic dancer  elegantly moving with white powder in her hands.

The photographer explains the process:

We used lighting from Broncolor — “really fast flash duration so it could freeze the particles of the powder.” The model was a professional acrobatic dancer, and “the movement that she did and the powder together, we were all amazed that it was perfect from the start! First she had some powder in her hands and she put it in the air . . . every time the same movement, five or six or ten times, and then she was completely full of powder and had to start again. It was a messy process for the camera. We had to put plastic around the camera to protect it. It was one whole day from early morning until the evening to do this job and to clean up it took longer

The making of:


Dancer2 Dancer3 Dancer4 Dancer5