Outstanding Aerial Photographs of Iceland Landscapes by Sarah Martinet

Once again I have a series of outstanding aerial photographs, since your interest in aerial photography, my dear readers, was so huge! However, this series has nothing about industrial places, coal mining pits and etc. It’s about the pure nature and breath-taking landscapes of Iceland.

Sarah Martinet is a France-based photographer whose landscape photos is one of the best ones I’ve ever seen. However, what grabbed my attention the most was her series of aerial photographers taken during her trip in Iceland.  I’ve never thought before Iceland has such a beautiful landscapes until I saw Sarah’s shots from there.

Check out below Sarah’s series of aerial photographs taken in Iceland and don’t forget to visit her Facebook page where you’ll find more of here outstanding shots.


iceland_10 iceland_9

iceland_2 iceland_8 iceland_7 iceland_6 iceland_5 iceland_4 iceland_3

Photo credits: Sarah Martinet