Origami Artist Folds Life-Sized Elephant From Single Paper Sheet

origamiHave you ever tried origami? It’s not that easy to make even a traditional hand-sized origami swallow, so what we could talk about folding an elephant reaching a height of 3 m (10 ft)? Following a successful art funding campaign on Indiegogo which raised more than $26,000, Switzerland-based artist Sipho Mabona folded a life-sized elephant using just a single sheet of paper. Using a huge slice of white paper, measuring 15 meters by 15 meters (or 50 by 50 feet) Sipho Mabona formed, as he states, the ‘white elephant’, which stands more than 3 meters (10 feet) tall. The project took 4 weeks to complete and required a dozen of people, especially when folding a biggest parts of the sheet.

Sipho Mabona folded his first paper airplane at age 5 and has since made a career folding various stunning origami animals, roses, human figures, and other bizarre creations. However, one of the biggest his ambitions was to fold a life-sized elephant out of a single sheet of 15-by-15 meter paper and show the world what a single sheet of paper can do by using it to recreate the world’s most land-dwelling creature. We’re really happy to see how Sipho finally achieved his ambition and, at the same time, gave us a huge dose of inspiration.


Life size Origami Elephant2

Credits of the photographs: Philipp Schmidli