Nostalgic Series of Artworks Made From Old Cassette Tapes

Benoit Jammes is a Paris-based artist and the author of really creative and at the same time  nostalgic series of artworks made from old cassette tapes. Artists says that a lot of  people ask him whether these artworks are actually 3D renderings.

Therefore, we would like to notice you in advance that all of these artworks are real hand-made. “hard work but so nostalgia!”, adds artists.

What makes these artworks so creative is a designed link between 80’s hippies and modern POP culture generations. References from POP culture (including Simpsons, Kill Bill, Saw movie) and shapeless modern design, combined with nostalgic cassette tapes creates astounding and eye-grabbin “misunderstanding”.

Nostalgia, nostalgia and one more time – Nostalgia. Do not pretend that you don’t feel the same!