Non Classical Portraits of Classical Musicians

What do words like “classic“ or “classical musician“ associate for you with? Well, not the most exciting things you could ever think of. But what if I‘d say there was invented another – more interesting side of the classic?

What are two things most boring of all that classical performers‘ stuff? Where and how they do it. The main place for their performance is most often the orchestra pit. Next thing is how they look in photographs. A guy sitting on a chair calm and fiddling is just not that spectacular, right?

Our highlight today is Denmark photographer and cellist Nikolaj Lund.  He reinvented the way portraits of classical musicians are taken, he actually did. First, he changed the surroundings of the photos. As you can see in his works, the places are absolutely opposite musicians should be in. Magnificent theatres are replaced with desserts, oceans or streets. The way they perform is just crazy. Where have you seen kind of a person like this just lay down in the middle of the street and play or just take out his fiddlestick and fight like a fencing master?

Few words from violinist Isabelle Van Keulen about the photographer:

“Nikolaj is incredibly able to make photos “speak”; from the atmosphere he creates in the photos, it is really easy to travel into the picture and become part of it! I believe this is essential when portraying musicians; the lack of sound is totally compensated by the breathing atmosphere.”