Newest Surreal Illustrations by Redmer Hoekstra

Redmer Hoekstra is a Netherlands-based artist and illustrator who is very well know for his unconventional and mind blowing illustrations that seem to re-create reality. Redmer graduated from the Art Academy in Zwolle as a visual artist in 2009 and for the past five years has been working in illustrations field where he received a significant recognition.

Redmer’s illustrations are full of surreal theories that explain everyday objects and phenomenon from a different angle and literally rediscover how the world works. An unimaginable imagination – this is what distinguishes Redmer Hoekstra and his masterpieces from the others.

Redmer Hoekstra explains, “As a child I had all kinds of theories about how the world worked. At the Academy I was able to rediscover this and process this in to my work. How things work is a fascination of mine and in many drawings you can find this. I open up appliances and objects and freely change what is inside . Often a subject gets a completely different feeling or meaning. I play with form, meaning and function, while new combinations arise. Often surprising, strange and funny but also with a strange kind of logic, a fantastic and surreal world.”


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