New York artist Paints with His Own Blood

And so, there was invented a new material of paint by  Vince Castiglia. This unique artist uses his own blood to create paintings. Many artists claim to put their blood, sweat and tears into their work, but Vincent Castiglia means it: he paints with his own blood.  Castiglia’s intention is to dissolve the barrier between art and artist. He said he was first inspired to use the bizarre art by a need to connect to his work. As you may or may not know human blood contains iron oxide, a pigment found in any other traditional paints. That’s why human blood can be used as a paint in art.

The New York artist starts by drawing pen or graphite sketches on a white canvas. After that comes the creepy part in the privary of his own studio. Vince dilutes his blood and uses paintbrushes to create these weird reddish characters.

Throughout his artistic career, he has used around 12 pints of blood. ”My work is literally a blood sacrifice on the altar of art,”the painter says.