Mysterious Series of Photos Portraying Elegant Beauty of Nature

Jergel Heckel is a Munich-based sound artist and photographer. His portfolio of works has already attracted a huge amount of attention in the Bechance community. And not without a reason.

Jergel has a very different and unique style which distinguishes him from hundreds of others photographers.  The best word describing the style of his photos is “winter”. Most of his works have winter references. The colour palette of photographs is also often limited with a white colour accompanied with grey shades.

At first sight, Jergel’s works might look a little bit too depressive, however when you look into them deeper, you start to admire that elegance and gloomy simplicity hidden in his photography.

I’ve been really amazed with his latest series of photographs titled “Lamina”. It’s amazing how elegantly and mysteriously Jergel portrays nature in his photographs. Take a look at them below.