Multi-Level Buildings Wrapped in Colourful Fabric

When buildings are under construction they are always wrapped in fabric to prevent debris from falling onto the streets below and contain dust that escapes during construction. It’s an ordinary procedure and I can bet that this isn’t a surprise to all of you. However, it is the first I see buildings under construction wrapped in such a vividly colourful fabric.

The person we could thank for discovering this foundation is Singapore-based photographer Peter Steinhauer who conducted a series of photographs titled “Cocoon”. The series consists of photographs portraying Singapore buildings under construction wrapped in vivid green, blue or yellow fabric. It seems like title of photo series perfectly reflect what we could imagine while looking at the photographs. Huge building wrapped in colourful fabric really arouse imagination and allow us to imagine these buildings as cocoons of ethereally gigantic insects. It would be really disgusting…

peter-steinhauer-cocoon 1

peter-steinhauer-cocoon 2
peter-steinhauer-cocoon 3 peter-steinhauer-cocoon 4 peter-steinhauer-cocoon 5 peter-steinhauer-cocoon 6 peter-steinhauer-cocoon 7 peter-steinhauer-cocoon 8 peter-steinhauer-cocoon 9 peter-steinhauer-cocoon 10 peter-steinhauer-cocoon 11 peter-steinhauer-cocoon 12 peter-steinhauer-cocoon 13 peter-steinhauer-cocoon 14