Miniature Silhouettes Painted on a Window Interact With the Outside World

Today’s contemporary art isn’t bounded with a single canvas anymore. Art is becoming more interactive, and therefore we can see how artists start to play and experiment with different canvases and hard-to-imagine interactions between them.

Over the last few years there was a trend of photos with a pencil picture in a hand portraying the missing part of scenery. I think it’s one of the most explicit examples revealing how different canvases can be mixed creatively.

Another great example is what I’m going to present you today. It’s Pejac, a Spain-based artist and his outstanding series of silhouettes painted on a window that interacts with a scenery outside the window. According the the Hi-Fructose magazine, Pejac’s series of window silhouettes was created to highlight the 40th anniversary of French high-wire walker Philippe Petit’s daring walk between the Twin Towers in New York.

Outstanding work!

pejac-7 pejac-6

pejac-5 pejac-4 pejac-3 pejac-2 pejac-1