Miniature Landscapes on Model’s Face by Juan Castillo

Juan Sanchez Castillo is Murcia-based photographer who is well know for his latest photo series ‘Making it up” where artist creates miniature scenes and landscapes directly on the face of a model.

Juan says, “My wife loves miniature figures. She used to have whole doll houses filled with little figurines and furniture. And I really love Beauty and Fashion photography. Whenever I find creative images of miniature figures on the internet I always have to show them to her. With our two hobbies combined, my collection of inspirational images became the beginning of this project.”

‘Making it up’ consists of a series of photographs that imitate tiny workers and children interacting with model’s facial features. Incredibly detailed miniatures and professional make-up evoke imagination and make these miniatures very realistic. The boom of miniature photography has already passed, nevertheless these photographs surprised us again.  Its a great imaginative composition of photography, make-up and body art.






All credits of the photographs belong to Juan Sanchez Castillo. Visit his website for more great photographs.