Microscopic Photos of Butterfly Wings by Linden Gledhill

Linden Gledhill is an artist you won’t meet everyday. He isn’t only a photographer, but also a biochemist by training, working for a large international pharmaceutical company developing biopharmaceuticals (protein molecules) to treat cancer and diabetes.

As Linden says, he’s completely enchanted by the physical world around us and obsessed by it’s natural beauty. “My career in science has magnified this feeling of awe. For me, photography is a way to capture this physical beauty and to pass this feeling on to others.”, adds artist.

The portfolio of Linde Gledhill is full of eye-grabbing shots that seem like perfectly combine science, nature and photography. Photographer captures everything from microscopic shots of snowflakes to incredible textures of fungus. However, what caught our attention the most was a series of microscopic photographs revealing complex patterns of butterfly wings.

For this series, Gledhill collected specimens of rare and beautiful butterflies then putted them under the microscope and used a set of high-powered lights to create abstract photos of their wings. The tiny protrusions on wings visible in the microscopic photographs are actually scales, similar to what you would find on reptile, though extremely small and fragile but unearthly beautiful. This series of microscopic photographs proves us once again how much beautiful things around us we just can’t see.


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