Massive Rooms Filled With Thousands of Balloons

No, this is not a birthday party. This is a set of interactive art installations made by British artist Martin Creed. These art installations was being implemented in Dallas with more than 9000 giant gold balloons and in Chicago with different color balloons for each site.

Half of the room space is filled with air-inflated balloons and then people are allowed to walk through.

“It is important to me,” said Creed “that the situation is normal, that, as usual, the space is full of air; it’s just that half of it is inside the balloons.”

It is very hard to describe an amazing feeling, when the only thing you can see is balloons and you are enclosed by  thousand of them.

“People kept emerging from the balloons and startling each other — you’d feel totally alone and then suddenly, a face would come looming up out of the yellowness and you’d smile sheepishly at each other, then go back to flailing and squealing and butterfly-stroking your way through the balloons.”

Check out the photos of these  interactive art installations  and try to imagine that amazing feeling!