Luminescent Paintings on Human Bodies by Daria Khoroshavina

Photography with luminescent paintings always grabs our attention. Vibrant portraits glowing in the dark creates something magical and hardly explainable. This type of photography, at least for us, frequently associates with  Avatar, a science fiction movie about blue-skinned humanoids who live in harmony with nature and their battle with human beings for their planet. Since it’s only our vision, we were very interested in what artists usually want to express with these luminescent paintings on the human body.

For this reason, we want to present you a short interview with Russia-based photographer Daria Khoroshavina and her incredible photo series, titled “We are all made of stars”.

We have seen a lot of photographers playing with a luminescent ornaments on the human body. Why are the main objects  space and stars?

Around 90% photographs with luminescent paintings on human body are basically star matter. Maybe it’s because of the fact that almost all the elements we consist of can be found in stars.

What message your work delivers?

When I work with people I try to capture their natural state and emotions, I think of it as one of the nature’s elements like fire or air. I love the idea of a human mind as one of the elements – we are a part of nature after all. This is what I tried to show in my pictures.

“We are all made of stars”. Quiet intriguing title. How did you came up with this name?

The name is based on the fact mentioned in the first answer. Also, the Moby’s song with the similar idea and same title, influenced the decision as well.

Thought-provoking answers that will definitely give you a food for your thought while you’ll be watching these photographs. Enjoy and see you soon!