Liu Bolin’s latest artwork: The Invisible Man

Traveling – the word, which means a lot for everybody, but not in a same way. At one point it’s a good way to find a new culture, for others – buy a souvenirs or just to get lost in a new place. At another, to get lost between buildings, streets and posters. An artist Liu Bolin, a.k.a the invisible man created a new art. The art of hiding in plain sight in order to produce his peculiar artworks.

My intention was not to disappear in the environment but instead to let the environment take possession of me

Take a look. Can you spot the ‘invisible man’ in these amazing photos?

Liu Bolin artwork 3

Liu Bolin artwork 5

Liu Bolin artwork 6

Liu Bolin artwork 7

Liu Bolin artwork 9

Liu Bolin artwork 10

Liu Bolin artwork 65

Liu Bolin artwork4