Christmas Tree Made of 40,000 Recycled Bottles

Lithuania – one of the Baltic countries in the eastern Europe greeted Christmas with very unique and interesting style previous year. The task of artist Jolanta Šmidtienė was to create something not that very expensive but still bright and shiny enough to look at.

The goal was reached with a big success – a huge, 13- meter Christmas tree made of 40,000 recycled green plastic bottles and zip ties. Well that’s one hard job to collect as much bottles as that. But totally, 100% worth it. Lit from inside in the darkness of night this enormous tree is a real beauty. That’s some piece of art, I’d say.

The spruce contains mirror’s and lots of nice words left by visitors of the tree. The project wasn’t relied on funds but it wasn’t insignificant, too. One thing is having money to create something and another, harder way is to find the way out of it without having money.