Lanzarote Effect – Breathtaking Short Film About Lanzarote Island

The Lanzarote Effect is a short film and a part of the “7 stories” project about the most beautiful places in all seven Canary Islands. 7 filmmakers, 7 islands, 7 stories. Along with other 6 filmmakers from all around the world, Lea Amiel and Nicolas Libersalle were chosen to participate in this project. The Island which was assigned to them was Lanzarote: a small volcanic island located in the East Side of Canary Islands.

The film takes you to a location that few of us have ever heard of and never imagined visiting, until now. The duo captured the amazing beauty of this remote island and may quickly have you searching for ways to visit. The beautiful ocean, low rising mountains and endless plains make a Lanzarote Island an exceptional place to explore.

“Have you ever heard about The Lanzarote Effect? Legend says, that if you wake up the volcano, strange phenomenons will happen, and people say you will be transported to another universe.”  We don’t know whether the Lanzarote Effect really works, however we can assure that this short film will definitely take you to a paradise, at least for a moment.


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