Landscapes Inspired by Everyday Objects

It was a long time since we’ve written about something humorous and ironic. After all, art isn’t only about turning into tears. For this occasion, we would like to present you Carl Warner and his brilliantly ironic landscapes inspired by everyday objects.

Carl Warner is a London-based advertising photographer best known for his food landscapes (Foodscapes). For the past 10 years, Carl have been working with these miniature landscapes and during this time he attracted many food based product and brands who began commissioning him for advertising campaigns.

The collection of landscapes inspired by everyday objects is a new work of Carl Warner. Otherwise know as, Otherscapes, these miniature landscapes will take you into the fantasy world where all natural objects consist of things and objects surrounding you every day . Iron temples, mountains of clothes and skyscrapers made of casino chips. This is just a tiny part what you’ll find bellow.

A making of these landscapes also excites the imagination. Imagine the situation:


Mountains of Ironing


Iron Temples

Iron Temples


Barbour Zip River

Barbour Zip river

Casino City


Nuts Bolts City


Scotch on the Rocks


Shin Knee Valley


Valley of the Reclining Women


VW Cityscape


VW Golf 7 Lighthouse


Zipper Road


All credits of the pictures belong to Carl Warner. Visit his website for more great works.