Knitted Food Replicas That Look Damn Realistic

“Normal” people used to knit such things as scarfs, sweaters, tablecloths. I mean the things that are practical. However, our magazine isn’t about “normal”, “usual” or “practical” things and therefore I’ve never thought that CAT IN WATER would have ever written about anything knitted. But recently I’ve discovered  London-based art director Jessica Dance and her series of knitted foods that look incredibly realistic. Actually, from a distance could almost pass it as the real thing.

These knitted food replicas is a part of ‘The Comfort Food Series’ where Jessica Dance and food photographer David Sykes work together to recreate common foods with different materials. “I knitted and sculpted the food so it looks relativley realistic and like a classic food shot from a distance, then upon closer inspection you can see the textures and detailing of the knit.”, explains Jessica. I don’t know why, but these works have a decent amount of charm and I swear I couldn’t resist not to try tasting at least one of these glamorous food replicas.


Knittedfood3 Knittedfood2 knittedfood1